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music by Donya Lane  
lyrics by Ed McNamee
A Chicken Doesn't Fly

Leonardo inspires Lisa to overcome her fears and pursue her deepest aspirations.

Something in the Light

Lisa contemplates sharing her greatest secret with Leonardo: that she is with child.  Leonardo studys her from afar, sketching in the columns that now confine her.

Little Satan

When Leonardo's houseboy, Salai,feels threatened by his master’s sudden fascination with Lisa,he flaunts his time-tested strategy for maintaining Leonardo’s attention.

Oh Leo!

While embarking on work for a nude study,Lisa and Leo negotiate their increasingly complicated relationship,as their affections give way to passion.

A Brand New Earth

Lisa kneels at the altar. Outside, in the square,

Leonardo studies the flight of birds.

samples not in show order
Demo recordings feature vocals by Megan McGinnis, Lewis Cleale,
Nick Cearley. Randy Blair, Darren Matthias,
Brian E. Long and Mark Chmiel.  
Thank you!
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